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About Our Products

1.  Every Premium Product from NILUSA is Proudly                                                             Handcrafted in The United States!

2.  Our Matte Finish takes on the look of Pewter with the                                                    durability of Aluminum.

3.  Our Polished Finish takes on the look of Silver without the                                            risk of Tarnishing!

4.  Personalized Cresting and Engraving is available on all of                                            NILUSA’s Premium Products!

5.  Our special Aluminum Alloy was created to withstand temperatures                            up to 1000F and is also the Industries first MICROWAVABLE METAL*!  

Our Story

Ed Leibensperger, the President of NILUSA and the Previous President of Wilton Armetale, wanted an American Company that would provide customers with quality products!

A father and son team, who wanted to provide people with elegant, durable and useful products, which would stand the test of time, established NILUSA.  With a strong passion for our country’s manufacturing businesses, this family owned company strives to be one of the few companies to make their products right here in the United States.

As a family owned company we are dedicated to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. We hope you will join Our Family and enjoy these products as much as we do and will pass them on from one generation to the next.

Our unique Aluminum Alloy will ensure our pieces will never rust, crack, chip or break. NILUSA Metal is also the first Microwavable Metal* in the Industry!  NILUSA stands behind each and every piece by offering a Lifetime Warranty!

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